To the penny

Today has been a whirlwind at Childrens Hospital of WI for Shelby. As I sit for the final appointment today on this 18 month saga of “What’s wrong with her gut?” I am awestruck by how, when asked, God orchestrates every detail – to the penny.
While at the Ronald McDonald House at the Mayo Clinic last January, I was short a quarter to do the loads of laundry I needed to do. I had 3 quarters – needed 4-a very tight time schedule and a sick kid. I walked into the laundry room and found this:

Quarters laying there. Ok, there is never money just laying around the Ronald McDonald House, y’all. I mean never. 

But that day, as I stood in disbelief that God had taken care of this detail, I learned that God is in the details. The littlest ones – when He is asked!

Today I was reminded of His provision again. Last year, we learned big details along the journey to figure out this gut wrenching puzzle. Now, we are down to finding a needle in the haystack. Today’s appointments have been riddled with discussions with a team of at least 8 doctors, working to find the source of Shelby’s stomach pain. 

The plan was still being tweaked when we were told to grab a break and some food. Shelby and I ventured to the new cafeteria. Time was tight, prayer warriors were praying, and we were waiting. I took one bite of my grilled cheese, internally anxious about the doctors finding the cause, and I looked over at the table next to us. This is what I saw:

4 pennies. I immediately was reminded of my lesson in the laundry room that God is in the details. Even small details. Our path needed quarters, or big answers, while at Mayo and now needs tiny, incredibly small, little bitty valve issues answered. A needle in a haystack. Details – down to the penny. God’s got it covered.


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One Response to To the penny

  1. ~SPRH says:

    God is great! He always provides. And I’m praying mega-hard for you, Shelby, and the entire medical team (as well as whomever it is that keeps leaving you change.) Call me.

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